This piece titled "Black and Blue" was a finalist in the Fusion Art Contest in November 2018

"Aqua Dreams" won first place and $500 in the Fine Art Exhibit Competition in December 2018

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I received Honorable mention for this piece titled "Neon Ghost" in the J Mane Gallery Exhibit in June 2018

--November 2018, Fusion Art Gallery; 4th Annual Figures & Faces Exhibit; “Black and Blue”
--November 2018, Linus Galleries; Where is my Mind Exhibit; “Sepitus”, “Aqua Dreams”
--December 2018, J Mane Gallery, Colors Exhibit; “Zencurl”
--December 2018, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery; Exhibit; “Orbit”, “Sepitus”, “Aqua Dreams”
--December 2018, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery; Blue Exhibit; “Blue Stalker”, “Blue Fields”
--December 2018, Arts and Facts Gallery, Fine Painting Exhibit; (1st place $500); “Aqua Dreams”
--January 2019, Colors of Humanity, Open Exhibit; “Pink Road” and “Italic”
--January 2019, Circle Foundation of Arts, Top-50 Excellence Award, “Wave”

" Sepitus, Aqua Dreams, and Orbit" were finalist in the Bauhaus Abstract Competition in December 2018.

--April 2018, Art Room Contemporary Gallery; Black & White Exhibit; “Mechanic”, “Oasis”
--May 2018, Brooklyn Waterfront; Album Cover Art Exhibit; “Orbit”
--May 2018, Fusion Art Gallery; Black & White Exhibit; “Wave”
--June 2018, J Mane Gallery; Mind, Body, Spirit Exhibition; “Neon Ghost”
--July 2018, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery; B & W Exhibit; “Citifair”, Soul”, “Wave”, “Kansas”
--July 2018, Light, Space, Time Gallery; Special Art Exhibit; Special Merit, “Aqua Dreams”--
--August 2018, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery; Creative Inspiration Exhibit; “Sepitus”, “Molly, “Blue Fields”
--August 2018, Contemporary Gallery Online; All Abstraction Exhibit; “Black Web”
--September 2018, Pastel Society of North Carolina; Pure Color Exhibit; “Orbit”
--November 2018, Fusion Art Gallery; 4th Annual Figures & Faces Exhibit; “Black and Blue”

These four pieces were selected as finalists in the July 2018 Black-and-White Exhibit Competition. "Citifair, Soul, Kansas, and Wave"

Sepitus, Molly, and Blue Fields were finalists in this contest/exhibition.


"Zencurl" was finalist in the December 2018 "Colors" Exhibit

This drawing below was selected for the BWAC International Album Cover Exhibit in Brooklyn From May thru October 2018. I used Talking Heads as a mock-band.

This piece titled "Wave" was a finalist in the Fusion Art Black and White Exhibit in May 2018.

Words cannot describe.

I am honored to have my art selected as a finalist in these Gallery Exhibit Competitions. You can visit each exhibit by scrolling to the contest below and clicking the Gallery link button

"Blue Stalker and Blue Fields" were finalist in the "Blue" Exhibit in December 2018.

This is the 2nd time "Orbit" has been awarded finalist status in an exhibition. This one opened on September 1, 2018.

"Sepatus" and "Aqua Dreams" were selected in the November 2018 "Where is my Mind" Exhibit

This piece called "Aqua Dreams" was awarded "Special Merit" in the July 2018 "555 Special Art" Exhibition.

"Mechanic" and "Oasis" were finalists in this April 2018 Black-and-White Exhibit

THis piece called "Black Web" won 4th place in the August-2018 exhibit