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"If you don't get my art in the first 3 seconds of seeing it, you don't get it at all"    

William T Erickson IV (aka Willie T IV or Bill) is a self-taught artist known to friends for his inexplicable and unusual style and subject. His works share the unsettling expressionistic flares of Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol while being primal and animated. He states the goal of his art is "to catch the eye, turn the head, and then to stir the mind". 
     Although Bill has drawn casually off and on most of his life, he didn’t start concentrating on his craft until mid-2017 when he bought an easel and began saving his works. Bill’s art medium is charcoals and pastels on large 27” wide x 32" tall paper.
       In 2018, his art was selected as a finalist to the BWAC Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalitions International Exhibition of Album Cover Artwork; The Fusion Arts (Artsy.Net Gallery Affiliate) 2nd Annual Black and White Art Exhibition; Honorable Mention on the J Mane Gallery "Mind and Body" Exhibit; four works were finalist in the Colors of Humanity Gallery's July 2018 Black and White Exhibit; and 4th place in the Contemporary Online Gallery in August 2018.
      Born in New Jersey, Bill now resides in Jacksonville, Florida where he is a full-time Construction Management Executive.